[c-nsp] Router 6504E - SUP 720 3B XL

zzif zzif at netinch.com
Fri Jul 15 10:55:37 EDT 2016

15.7.2016, 17:13, Nick Hilliard wrote:
> TCAM is fine for the time being, but RP RAM is definitely a problem on
> this platform.  The RP has 1G of RAM, non-upgradable.  A DFZ will work
> for the time being if you run 12.2SX.  If you run 15S, there's less
> space and it will not run unless you disable inbound soft reconfig.  In
> either case, it's not going to be viable in the long term.
Yes, with 15.X IOS you will be at 90% in memory usage. We have one box 
(15.1(2)SY4a IOS) with two full feeds and a lot of features enabled - 
the memory usage is 88%. There is still room for a third full BGP feed. 
I'm not concerned about this, since even with an empty config the memory 
usage is quite high. However, it's stable and doesn't vary much.

But yeah, 6500 is not the best choice for the future.


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