[c-nsp] ASR-1k 10g Licenses

Nick Cutting ncutting at edgetg.com
Tue Jul 19 14:45:03 EDT 2016

Good afternoon esteemed industry giants, 

I'm trying to make some kind of head or tail out of the ASR licensing documents, I do not want to buy too much or not enough licensing.

I would like to connect an ASR-1001-X to a 10gig  handoff, and down to a 10 gig switch.  I will be doing some basic policing for a few different classes.

I need to enable both of the onboard SFP+'s

Do I need:

2 x interface_10g licenses and a 20 Gig throughput license (FLSA1-1X-2.5-20G)


2 x interface_10g licenses and a 10 Gig throughput license (FLSA1-1X-2.5-10G)

I.e. are the licenses bi-directional ?
Also - the QoS in the IP base license, is it in anyway limited? (for basic IP traffic)


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