[c-nsp] Issue with port-channel hashing

james list jameslist72 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 03:45:10 EDT 2016

Dear experts,

I need help.

On my C6500 sup720 (12.2(33)SXI5) I’ve a port channel 4 x 1Gbs with 1 Gbs
full and hashing fixed.

On the port-channel I’m trunking with few L2 vlans and on top of one of
those I’ve L3 (with OSPF).

Since hashing is fixed all the traffic that 6500 Asic has decided to send
on that link is experiencing problems.

My questions:

1)      Which is the faster and safer way to detect the “guilty” (src/des
tip) ? I see accounting seems not working

2)      What if I would change hashing from fixed to adaptive ? any detail
on that ? I'm not able to find how it works in detail on cisco.com

An help is appreciated,



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