[c-nsp] Cisco IOS: Polling OSPF External LSA count via SNMP

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 3 19:04:29 EDT 2016

Hi Mike,

> I have a Cisco 7200VXR with a NPE-G1 that I'm polling for OSPF External
> LSA counts, but it returns zero.
> snmpget -On -v2c -c <COMMUNITY> <HOST> .
> http://www.oidview.com/mibs/0/OSPF-MIB.html does not exist. is ospfOriginateNewLSAs, which is not what you want [1]. is ospfExternLSACount, which is probably what you want [2].

So I would guess the get command would have to look like this (trailing six instead of nine-point-zero):
snmpget -On -v2c -c <COMMUNITY> <HOST> .


[1] http://snmp.cloudapps.cisco.com/Support/SNMP/do/BrowseOID.do?local=en&translate=Translate&objectInput=
[2] http://snmp.cloudapps.cisco.com/Support/SNMP/do/BrowseOID.do?local=en&translate=Translate&objectInput=

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