[c-nsp] ASR920 drops despite policy-map

Juergen Marenda cnsp at marenda.net
Mon Jun 6 10:54:39 EDT 2016

Start at Layer 0+1...
Sure that the links are all full-duplex , esp. to the test-loop ?
If half-duplex, then youll see collisions.
(and autoneg'ed an both sides shows same result, on all links ?)

(just as a starting point, before checking higher levels
 And doing days off dbugging: eliminate bad cable/transiever...)


> [...]
> It’s a pretty simple topology.  Gi0/0/22 on each A920 is connected to an Exfo test set.  Gi0/0/23 on each A920 is connected to the other.  I’ve got an EoMPLS PW connecting Gi0/0/22 on both devices.
> Exfo Tester - gi0/0/22 - ASR920-1 - gi0/0/23 - gi0/0/23 - ASR920-2 - gi0/0/22 - Exfo Loopback
> The Exfo transmitted 45469372 packets during the test, and I’m seeing output drops on ASR920-1 Gi0/0/23.
> There’s no other traffic going across this box, except for ISIS and BFD, but I highly doubt this would contribute to 2.1 million dropped packets.
> [...]

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