[c-nsp] ASR9000 Import/Exporting between two VRFs

Curtis Piehler cpiehler2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 17:22:53 EDT 2016


Quite the curious case here.  An ASR9000 router has two VRFs.

For simplicity sake let's call them VRF A and VRF B.

VRF A and VRF B need to be able to see each other's routes via importing
and exporting however here's the catch.

I need VRF A to see VRF B's routes and vice versa but with prepends.
Basically when VRF A's routes are imported into VRF B they need to look
farther away and vice versa.  All PE routers that have VRF A need to see
routes that belong to it unaltered and PE routers that have VRF B need to
see routes that belong to it unaltered.

I tried to prepend based on matching an RD set within the import and/or
export statements but I get the error "Policy [XYZ] uses 'rd rdmatch'.
'in' is not a valid operate for the 'rd' attribute at the bgp import attach

I know I can hair pin two ports on ASR9000 and run eBGP across them using
the local-AS command and exchange routes between VRFs that way.



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