[c-nsp] netflow real AS instead of uplink provider?

Nemeth Laszlo csirek at cooler.hu
Wed Jun 15 08:57:07 EDT 2016


I tried to get the source or destianton AS of a flow from our ASR9001 
(iosxr 4.3.1) router.

But i got this:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:asr0#sh flow monitor netflow-monitor cache location 

IPV4SrcAddr      IPV4DstAddr      L4SrcPort  L4DestPort BGPDstPeerAS 
BGPSrcPeerAS BGPNextHopV4     IPV4DstPrfxLen  IPV4SrcPrfxLen  IPV4Prot 
IPV4TOS  InputInterface  OutputInterface L4TCPFlags   ForwardStatus      
   FirstSwitched   LastSwitched    ByteCount    PacketCount  Dir 
SamplerID      25         43473      0            
1234          32              18              tcp      
0x40     Te0/0/2/1       BE100.79        A|R|         Fwd                
   43 07:23:34:199 43 07:23:34:199 40           1            Ing 1

So in every flow DstPeerAs or SrcPeerAS is 1234 (my uplink provider) or 
0 not the real source AS where the package coming from. Because of it 
the nfdump (flow collector) doesn't get any info about the real AS of 
the destination or source. I would like to receive it because i have to 
generate OurAS<->OtherAS traffic graphs.

Of course i use the "bgp attribute-download" in the BGP section but it 
doesn't help.

Any ideas?


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