[c-nsp] ASR9k Bundle QoS in 6.0.1

Robert Williams Robert at CustodianDC.com
Thu Jun 16 10:50:29 EDT 2016

>> Do you need some FAT-PW? :)
> Implementation is different between Junos and IOS XR. So in a dual vendor scenario, it's awkward.

Also (for us anyway) carrying 'other carriers' between our sites, even on IOS-XR with Flow-Aware labels it doesn't balance. Reason is that only see the other carriers' MPLS core IPs (the real customer IP/port/data is even deeper inside the packet and the 9k won't go that deep for the hashing).

Plus, more and more customers are also using this approach, running MPLS on their own core, so it can become quite an issue. It fails to balance because the (two) adjacencies of the customer boxes are always the same. So it all gets stuck on a single member of a bundle. Quite frustrating actually, but unavoidable I believe.

> Seems similar to the IOS XE implementation

Yes, thanks for that - it looks very similar! Shame they didn't put a section like that in the 6.0.1 tech docs!...

> I'm curious to see whether there are any gotchas, like: " Shaping rate is not scaled if you configure it as a percentage of the available interface bandwidth".

I've got a ticket open for this still, I'll ask :)


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