[c-nsp] netflow on bridge domain interface

Mike mike-cisconsplist at tiedyenetworks.com
Sat Jun 18 13:35:24 EDT 2016

On 06/17/2016 02:35 PM, CiscoNSP List wrote:
> Late reply, apologies, but I found the old case, and Netflow (At the 
> time when opening the case) ended up being not supported, but on the 
> "roadmap" as a supported feature...TAC could not give me any approx 
> dates that it would be supported....Ill have to test out one of our 
> 1001X's to see if its still the case.....it's certainly configurable 
> under the BDI, just didnt "work" in one direction (But as I said, that 
> was over a year ago)....

Yeah, thats essentially it.... it doesn't work in one direction. Too bad 
too. Thanks for the follow up however....would love to see it fixed too.


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