[c-nsp] Route processor memory at 99% on 720-3bxl

Mack McBride mack.mcbride at viawest.com
Wed Jun 22 13:07:42 EDT 2016

If BGP is holding that much memory I would verify 'soft-reconfiguration inbound' is not configured.
It stores the update messages and is not efficient at deleting them.
Then do a 'clear ip bgp *' to restart the process.
A reboot may be in order.

You may also want to put in Selective Route Download and rely on defaults for routes that are fairly
distant from you network wise.  Or just prune your table if that is an option.

We are running the same code and not seeing that kind of memory usage on BGP router or IP RIB Update.
We have two larger iBGP tables for ipv4 and two ipv6 iBGP table of about the same size.
And two downstream customers with full BGP tables.

It is also possible there is some kind of memory leak.
These have previously been associated with 'inactive' bgp sessions.
Even ones that were admin down.

Our utilization of the BGP process:

PID TTY  Allocated      Freed    Holding    Getbufs    Retbufs Process
 641   0 1219766648 1120578988  396258488          0          0 BGP Router
   0   0  174776148      11120  159003332          0          0 *Init*
 380   0  230882752  145539804   62344120          0          0 IP RIB Update

Mack McBride | Senior Network Architect | ViaWest, Inc.

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We got a 6500 with a 720-3bxl running

Devices is has to do some basic routing/switching with full BGP.
- 1x IPv4 full ebgp router with 585172 prefixes and a ibgp with 216827 prefixes.
- 1x IPv6 full ebgp with 28013 prefixes and ibgp with 30104 prefixes.

We have already relocated the CEF so tcam can can hold more ipv4 routes.
But the problem the last couple of weeks has been the RP memory. At this moment its on 99% utilization  of the max 1GB that the 720-3bxl can hold! On short term we can downgrade back to 12.* version, or to "ip base" or "ip service" branch, that might give us some room to breath. Or are we missing something that could free up lots of memory on a 720-3bxl? I heard BGP Soft Reset might free up some memory? Is this true and will it be significant?

#show mls cef summary
Total routes:                                    621171
     IPv4 unicast routes:                         590424
         IPv4 non-vrf routes:                     590310
         IPv4 vrf routes:                         114
     IPv4 Multicast routes:                       107
     MPLS routes:                                 0
     IPv6 unicast routes:                         30637
         IPv6 non-vrf routes:                     30637
         IPv6 vrf routes:                         0
     IPv6 multicast routes:                       3
     EoM routes:                                  0

#show mls cef maximum-routes
FIB TCAM maximum routes :
Current :-
  IPv4 + MPLS         - 832k (default)
  IPv6                - 90k
  IP multicast        - 1k

#show ip route summary
IP routing table name is default (0x0)
IP routing table maximum-paths is 32
Route Source    Networks    Subnets     Replicates  Overhead Memory (bytes)
connected       0           27          0           1720        4860
static          1           6           0           648         1260
ospf 10         4           146         0           9000 27600
   Intra-area: 13 Inter-area: 80 External-1: 0 External-2: 57
   NSSA External-1: 0 NSSA External-2: 0
bgp 16281       178650      411418      0           35404080 106212240
   External: 537410 Internal: 52658 Local: 0
internal        6527 23798440
Total           185182      411597      0           35415448 130044400

#show processes memory sorted
Processor Pool Total:  885604800 Used:  873661740 Free:   11943060
       I/O Pool Total:   67108864 Used:   21605592 Free:   45503272

  PID TTY  Allocated      Freed    Holding    Getbufs    Retbufs Process
  648   0  509215580   57367348  508116264          0          0 BGP Router
  380   0  215107608      40228  215035168          0          0 IP RIB
    0   0  168613476      12296  152776588          0          0 *Init*

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