[c-nsp] ASR1000 SIP10 Oversubscription

Curtis Piehler cpiehler2 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 13:54:02 EDT 2016

Concerning the SIP10 cards for the ASR1000.  I know the total bandwidth
allotted on the card is 10G and it allows for a 2:1 oversubscription before
SPA cards start to shut down.  However, how is the oversubscription
calculated?  Is it based on the actual throughput the SIP-10/SPAs are
performing?   Or is it based on the total maximum bandwidth of all SPA
cards in the SIP10?

For instance:

A SIP10 has:
1 SPA-1X10GE-L-V2
2 SPA-8X1GE-V2

The total maximum of all SPA ports is 26G but at any given time the actual
throughput is less than half of this.


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