[c-nsp] Connected routes / Static routes advertised to RR's

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Wed Jun 29 17:45:30 EDT 2016

Thanks Oliver - Yes, we do have selective next-hop tracking...another list member e-mailed me directly re this also...so statics need to be redistributed with the loop of the rr-client it resides on

I do have redistribute static in bgp, and the loop range is in the PL for redist static....and also a route-map for nexthop:


 address-family ipv4
  bgp additional-paths select best-external
  bgp additional-paths install
  bgp nexthop route-map BGP_NHT
  bgp nexthop trigger delay 0
  redistribute connected route-map LOCAL_RANGES
  redistribute static route-map LOCAL_RANGES
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.212 activate
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.212 inherit peer-policy TO_RR
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.212 route-map FROM_GC_RR in
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.212 route-map TO_GC_RR out
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.213 activate
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.213 inherit peer-policy TO_RR
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.213 route-map FROM_GC_RR in
  neighbor xxx.xxx.76.213 route-map TO_GC_RR out

route-map BGP_NHT permit 10
 match ip address prefix-list PL_NGN_LOOPBACKS
 match source-protocol ospf 100
route-map BGP_NHT permit 20
 match source-protocol connected

So to advertise statics with the loop of the rr-client, I would need to add (And on all other rr-clients)

route-map BGP_NHT permit 30
 match source-protocol static

And clear bgp session with RR I assume (I havent tried the above, no access to the routers atm)

NB - route-map LOCAL_RANGES includes a PL with all our ip prefixes (Including all our rr-clients Loop IP's)

From: Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) <oboehmer at cisco.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 29 June 2016 9:19 PM
To: Nick Hilliard; CiscoNSP List
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Subject: Re: [c-nsp] Connected routes / Static routes advertised to RR's

Nick wrote:
> CiscoNSP List wrote:
> > Static route to that prefix on the RR-client, shows as "no best path"
> > as the 79.106 prefix is "inaccessible"?  but as above, it is
> > accessible and I can ping it? (So the static is not advertised to any
> > other RR-clients):
> you'd make it a lot easier for people to see what was going on if you
> used rr# and client# for the prompts, as appropriate.
> What does "show ip route xxx.xxx.79.106" look like on the client?

In addition, can you please include your RR BGP config? The next-hop is visible via a /30 route. Do you have selective next-hop tracking configured with route-map limit next-hops to /32s or something else which would require next-hops to be /32?


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