[c-nsp] NCS-5001 - MPLS L3VPN Issue

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Tue Mar 1 09:53:46 EST 2016

On 1/Mar/16 16:45, Adam Vitkovsky wrote:

> Yeah right could be that,
> Wondering if switching vendors would help last time I looked PTX had max 8x100GE LCs and only found 10x100GE on one NCS LC.
> So I guess 1Tbps per LC is still a luxury in an MPLS router.

And this is why I was curious why Cisco gave the NCS copper interconnect
for the fabric.

For now, seems like 1Tbps is the physical limit when using copper
connectors. This means that Cisco may have to develop another router
with an optical fabric to pass the 1Tbps/slot number (this is conjecture
on my part, from the little I have gathered around this subject, so I
could be wrong).


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