[c-nsp] NCS-5001 - MPLS L3VPN Issue

Phil Bedard philxor at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 12:08:49 EST 2016

The FPC3 on the PTX5K (shipping shortly) is 3Tbps/slot (30x100GE/slot via 15x100GE PICs).  Cisco will have a 12x100GE linecard for the ASR9912/9922 soon as well, the fabric already supports it.  The NCS6K hasn’t been given much love for various reasons.  

You will see copper interconnects around for a long time but not the current midplane and traces that have dominated chassis based routers for a long time.  One option is direct fabric/LC connections like the Cisco NCS55XX, Juniper QFX10K, etc. Those platforms start at 3Tbps/slot.  There are also some more other interesting copper technologies coming down the pipeline. We’ll see devices with copper supporting 6+Tbps/slot in the future. Faceplate density and cooling are more of an issue in the near-term.    

Optical will come at some point, but not in the near future, there are issues with optical backplanes that aren’t easy to solve.  


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>On 1/Mar/16 16:45, Adam Vitkovsky wrote:
>> Yeah right could be that,
>> Wondering if switching vendors would help last time I looked PTX had max 8x100GE LCs and only found 10x100GE on one NCS LC.
>> So I guess 1Tbps per LC is still a luxury in an MPLS router.
>And this is why I was curious why Cisco gave the NCS copper interconnect
>for the fabric.
>For now, seems like 1Tbps is the physical limit when using copper
>connectors. This means that Cisco may have to develop another router
>with an optical fabric to pass the 1Tbps/slot number (this is conjecture
>on my part, from the little I have gathered around this subject, so I
>could be wrong).
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