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> > With that basis, I was thinking about designing a circuit that will
> > allow for a high-density (1U) setup with 24 or even 48 serial ports,
> > connectable to a user-supplied server via a USB port (though a 48 port
> > solution might be better connected through two ports). A (halfway)
> > careful first estimate could result in cost somewhere in the range of
> > 200-300$ for a finished product with 24 ports. Is this something - both
> > from a technical as well as financial POV - that folks might be
> > interested in?
> Something like https://freetserv.github.io ?

"Some assembly required." ;-)

There's also the venerable Avocent/Cyclades ACS48. With one Fast Ethernet
NIC and two PCMCIA cards there are a few OOB management connectivity
options there. And some models also have dual power supplies. Second hand
ACS devices could be found for reasonable prices on eBay a few years back.

This happens to be an ACS32:

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