[c-nsp] BGP query

james list jameslist72 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 11:38:33 EST 2016

Dear experts
I've a BGP question. I've a router peering with a customer of mine, plain
EBGP no MPLS, see following chain as example:

myroutera --ebgp-- myrouterB --ebgp-- myrouterC --ebgp-- mycustomerA
--ebgp-- mycustomer_BGP_worldwide_network

Between myrouterX I use EBGP with private AS, now I've mycustomerA router
that in its BGP path is injecting to me a private AS already present in my
network and I'm getting routes discarded for that at the end of the chain.

I tried to use:

- remove_private_as on myrouterC towards my network in egress but it seems
that it's able to remove only if there are private as in the path and at
the first not private stop removing;
- as_override but it works only under a vrf environment and it's not the

I'm wondering if you see another solution, I'm thinking to a route-map that
"match" as-path or network and then a "set" of AS path in the egress
session among myrouterC and myrouterB,
but I do not see it very scalable and manageble...

Any idea if I'm correct or other solutions you see ?


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