[c-nsp] Cisco CSR1000v Licensing

Skeeve Stevens skeeve+cisconsp at eintellegonetworks.com
Sun Mar 13 07:33:41 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I am wondering if it is possible to get the Cisco CSR1000v as a full
subscription license.

I need the AppX license for the vBNG/vLNS functionality, but in some cases
may need AX.

So I order something like L-CSR-*XXX*-APP-1Y=

That is all great.

But, the Broadband (?) license for 4K users (L-CSR-BB-1K=) only seems to
come in perpetual and not 1Y or 3Y options.

It seems like a massive waste and excessive cost to buy the
*L-CSR-1G-APP-1Y=* at *USD$4,340.00* (RRP) for 1 year - and then the
Broadband user license *L-CSR-BB-4K=* at *USD$16,000.00* (RRP) - which is

Does anyone know how to get the *L-CSR-BB-XXX* licenses as subscription?

Also, are these hard licenses (4K) or cumulative? Meaning, can I add 3 x 4K
licenses to a box, or if I need to go from 4K to 8K will I have to buy and
8K (and waste the 4K) or a 4K to make it 8K?

I have some customers that need to operate on pure OPEX.  I wish the Amazon
networking stack was layer 2, but it sucks and is useless for this kind of


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