[c-nsp] vs nat on a asa5506-x

Arne Larsen arlarndk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 01:19:48 EDT 2016

Hi all

I’m trying to setup NAT an Cisco asa5506-x, but with out any luck.

I have an interface connected to a vrf with an RFC1918 address, but 
management from this vrf is using public addresses.

So what I’m trying is making af static nat between these two addresses.

Something like this.:


Object network MNG_outside


Nat(any,any) static


But the sessions are being rejected.

The packet-tracer seems to accept the call.

It works on a 5505, but I just get a reset from the 5506.

As far as I know the 5506 is a replacement product for 5505.

Has anyone done something like this on a 5506.


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