[c-nsp] ASR 1k vs 9k as a non-transit BGP router with full tables?

James Jun james at towardex.com
Wed Aug 2 15:54:10 EDT 2017

> based on what i???m reading ??? the asr1002hx is closer to an rp3-based platform, again ??? comparing the numbers.  i could be wrong on this.

ASR 1002-HX has quad-core 2.5 Ghz, I'd say it is architecturally more closer to RP3.

RP3 has quad-core 2.2Ghz.  The slightly higher clock speed on 1002-HX is because the RP CPU also
controls the built-in ESP control-plane.

Check pages 72 and 67 on https://www.slideshare.net/Cisco/hawaii-tech-day-routing-platform-update-75001130

And I can't imagine that ASR1K RP2 will beat down ASR 9001 on BGP.  Perhaps so on single full feed RP2
is probably much faster, but it is still IOS XE.  I would imagine that on a peering/transit router 
scenario with multiple full feeds, ASR 9001 would scale much better.  FWIW, I never had problems with
ASR 9001 ever bogging down when sucking in 3-4 full tables.


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