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Hi Raymond (Apologies re top post, Hotmail is a pain) - Reliability concerns primarily with bidirectional simultaneous test mode - Single direction test (UDP), we are able to achieve close to a links capacity (1Gb), bidirectional (-r) (Sends one direction first, then the other), also achieves links capacity...but simultaneous bidirectional (-d), we see 50% in both directions (i.e ~450-500Mb) - I dont know if this is a limitation of iperf, but have tried on multiple boxes, back-to-back, and can not get the bidirectional simultaneous test to achieve 1Gb synchronously - Its like IPERF sees the link as only 1Gb, and therefore only sends as a total (500Mb in both directons...Ive also tried multiple threads, but it refuses to go above 50% - If this is a limitation within the software, or theirs another flag I should be using, Id love to hear it :)


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> Looking for an alternative to IPerf for link testing - Having some "reliability" concerns with IPerf results (Primarily with

can you explain your ‘reliability’ concerns?

> simultaneous data transfers) - Any recommendations are greatly appreciated (10G capabilities would be fantastic, but not

do you run a single iperf app, or several in parallel?  do you use the tcp mode or the udp mode?  in udp mode, you get some additional statistics.  on which platform do you run iperf?  on some platforms, like linux, you need to check ‘ethtool -S’ to see if the  operating system is dropping packets (on tx or rx).  which may require some performance tuning of the network interfaces.

also, on a linux platform, the kernel guys use some trace tools, one of which will create one buffer, and copy it to the network interface, making a very effective high bandwidth tester, with some purporting to fill a 10g link.  I don’t have the name off the top of my head.

this being a cisco list, some cisco platforms have built in ttcp performance testers.

> 100% necessary) - Has anyone used/tried Ostinato ? Primarily after a tool that can provide load testing results (simultaneous bidirectional, one direction, and UDP/TCP are primary requirements...Happy to look at a commercial product/appliance if it ticks all the boxes, but not wanting to spend a fortune :)
> Thanks in advance
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