[c-nsp] cisco 3850 eigrp - sending goodbye - can't ping any

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Aug 24 20:36:39 EDT 2017

Thanks Nick, to begin with please keep in mind, this was fine for a year or
more, until last night when they replaced a 3750, with a 3850.

They have 6840's, 6509's, 3750's, and 3850's... they are all eigrp neighbors
fully meshed.

I'm the SP.  I provide this customer a mpls vpls rfc4762 (bgp ad w/ldp sig).
(I have a mix of cisco me3600's and juniper acx5048's providing that vpls
elan) All those cisco devices mentioned above are the customer edge.

On all those ce's is an untagged L3 interface.  All those ce interfaces
eigrp neighbor with all others.

I tried on 2 other ce devices and COULD ping and get responses
from all other ce's.

BUT, on that one 3850-24 port, when I pinged, it died immediately
with "." one failure, and that's it.  Strange.

Yes, I did do a static eigrp neighbor between the 3850-48port and the
3850-24port and the neighbor stayed stable for over 3 minutes (previously,
the goodbye eigrp teardown was happening every 80 seconds)

I don't have access at the moment, it's the customer gear and they allow me
remote access only when they need my help.  I told them to take my findings
and call the cisco tac


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