[c-nsp] Cisco ASR vs Juniper

Mark Mason MMason at jackhenry.com
Tue May 9 13:29:17 EDT 2017

Alright crowd...Ready the rifles and prepare for battle...Cisco ASR or Juniper. Cost, operability, chassis lifespan new vs. old, memory requirements, etc. So many details. Feel free to take the post anywhere you'd like.

Pure internet router/edge with single eBGP toward ISP - 10Gb up to ISP and 10Gb down to Aggregation Point
MX10 w/ licensing get me 4x10Gb (but sys cap. At 20Gb?), MX40 vs ASR1001X (or ASR1001-HX)
+pretty vanilla installation
+not running security at this level
+just a router doing routing
+single eBGP so/so on memory requirements
+single iBGP down to Core/Agg

Internet Edge Aggregation/multiple iBGP sessions toward edge routers
MX104 or MX240 (or greater chassis lineup) vs ASR9k
+HUGE MEMORY requirements
+Multiple BGP aggregation feeds
+Installation of best routes from MULTIPLE carriers
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