[c-nsp] Nexus 7707 as Internet Edge Router?

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Thu Nov 16 08:22:19 EST 2017


> > NCS5500s do not support EIGRP
> Return to Step 1 - "why, if you have customers actually *liking* your
> lock-in features, why would you stop shipping them?".
> Actually they seem to be really liking that... ASR920 doesn't do HSRPv2
> (though it *does* support HSRPv1).  So, if you have a 2901 + ASR920 as
> router pair, no IPv6 first-hop redundancy for you (while ASR920 will do
> instead, 2901 won't).

Very strange indeed, XR supports eigrp and I don't see how it could be
hardware related.


I hope it doesn't extend to other devices where XR is extending to..
It is already hard enough to make sure the hardware support for what you
need is there.
If software features go missing randomly from different devices when the
documentation bug strikes it will really be a pain.


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