memory issue asr1002-x

caroyy caroyy at
Tue Nov 21 05:51:54 EST 2017

Hi Guys,


Wondering anyone has issue on ASR1002-X memory. I have 16gb router but I'm unable to get more than 3.5gb processor memory. Redundancy mode is none. any idea?


cisco ASR1002-X (2RU-X) processor (revision 2KP) with 3422740K/6147K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID 

6 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

32768K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

16777216K bytes of physical memory.

6688767K bytes of eUSB flash at bootflash:.


Redundant System Information :


       Available system uptime = 45 minutes

Switchovers system experienced = 0

              Standby failures = 0

        Last switchover reason = none


                 Hardware Mode = Simplex

    Configured Redundancy Mode = Non-redundant

     Operating Redundancy Mode = Non-redundant

              Maintenance Mode = Disabled

                Communications = Down      Reason: Failure


Current Processor Information :


               Active Location = slot 6

        Current Software state = ACTIVE

       Uptime in current state = 45 minutes

                 Image Version = Cisco IOS Software, ASR1000 Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.5(3)S, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc6)

Technical Support:

Copyright (c) 1986-2015 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Sun 26-Jul-15 21:02 by mcpre

                          BOOT = bootflash:asr1002x-universalk9.03.16.00.S.155-3.S-ext.SPA.bin,1;

                   CONFIG_FILE = 

        Configuration register = 0x2102


                Head    Total(b)     Used(b)     Free(b)   Lowest(b)  Largest(b)

Processor  7FB851FF0010   3504656768   398432652   3106224116   3105249280   3105203428

 lsmpi_io  7FB8517ED1A8     6295128     6294304         824         824         412

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