[c-nsp] memory issue asr1002-x

Christian Kratzer ck-lists at cksoft.de
Wed Nov 22 04:17:57 EST 2017


On Wed, 22 Nov 2017, James Bensley wrote:

> On 22 November 2017 at 03:32, caroyy via cisco-nsp
> <cisco-nsp at puck.nether.net> wrote:
>>  Hi David,
>> Thank you for replying.Ya the memory allocated 3.5gb to IOSD from the platform is unusually strange. It should be 6.5gb based on 16gb memory router.
>> Just asking the community if anyone has solve/encounter the same problem.Unfortunately, this router i took over from someone and there is no smartnet available.
>> Regards,caroyy
> Hi Caroyy,
> I believe that the IOSd process is a 32-bit process so it can't use
> more than 4GBs of RAM.

does not look like it on this box:

Router#show version | i mem
cisco ASR1001 (1RU) processor with 6848986K/6147K bytes of memory.
32768K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
16777216K bytes of physical memory.

Try looking at the output of "show redundancy".  The ASR1000 had some kind of IOS redundancy feature to run two IOS processes on a box splitting up memory between them.


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