[c-nsp] Juniper MX240 & MX480

Mark Mason MMason at jackhenry.com
Wed Oct 25 10:54:33 EDT 2017

Can someone educate me on the Juniper MX240 and MX480 chassis; I am not Juniper savvy but we are gaining education quickly! It 'seems' like the MX240 and MX480 chassis have been around quite sometime. If you had brand new purchase on the horizon, would this thought concern you? Would you be worried about a chassis that is pretty long in the tooth? Correct me if I'm wrong but conceptually it feels like a 6500 chassis that has been around a LONG time, but supervisor cards have been updated and line cards have been updated, but the backplane of this thing is old. Please correct my thinking and/or add your thoughts! I greatly appreciate your time in this matter.

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