[c-nsp] Juniper MX240 & MX480

Youssef Bengelloun-Zahr bengelly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 05:18:13 EDT 2017


There is a panned webinar today to present the new model :

"Register now for our MX150 webinar
 on Wednesday, October 26, at 8 am PT/4 pm UK/5 pm CET.

You will learn all about our new MX150 3D Universal Edge Router—a
high-performance 40G router powered by vMX software running on a compact,
1RU x86-based platform. It provides T2/T3 service providers and enterprises
with a solution that offers advanced services with high control plane scale
and performance.

The MX150 offers feature and operations consistency with the vMX; it runs
the same Junos that powers the entire Juniper portfolio and uses
vTrio–programmable Trio chipset microcode optimized for execution in x86
environments on the forwarding plane.

This new addition to the MX Series family addresses the need for routers
that combine low bandwidth while supporting service providers and
enterprises with advanced routing capabilities. Supported routing features
include EVPN and VXLAN, plus Carrier Ethernet grade services such as CGNAT,
SFW and DPI. Both 1GbE as well as 10GbE port speeds are available.

By joining this webinar, you will:

   - Find out where the MX150 fits in the MX portfolio
   - Get a detailed view of the control plane performance and hardware
   - Find out how to position the MX150 for the supported use cases
   - Learn how the MX150 is priced and ordered

Please register now
we look forward to your participation on the 26th."

Best regards.

2017-10-26 11:08 GMT+02:00 Dale Shaw <dale.shaw+cisco-nsp at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> On 26 October 2017 at 09:26, Sebastian Becker <sb at lab.dtag.de> wrote:
> > > On 26 October 2017 at 01:54, Mark Mason <MMason at jackhenry.com> wrote:
> > >
> > > Can someone educate me on the Juniper MX240 and MX480 chassis
> > >
> >
> > I can but I think this is the wrong list.
> Indeed.
> Mark, try asking on juniper-nsp instead:
> https://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/juniper-nsp
> In related news, I see that Juniper has announced the MX150 ("vTrio" which
> I assume means vMX on x86) and MX204 -- both 1RU. It's about time :-)
> cheers,
> Dale
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