[c-nsp] ASR 99xx IOS-XR images are all EoL/EoS?

Erik Sundberg ESundberg at nitelusa.com
Fri Dec 21 00:38:46 EST 2018

So we purchased ASR9906 while they were on new product hold and not even listed on the website at the time. At the end of 2017. They were delivered in 2018 we have installed 7 of them with a 8th sitting on a pallet.

>From the get go we made the decision to run 64-bit. We started out with 6.3.1 and Cisco BU recommend that we run 6.3.2. So we deployed with 6.3.2, we also have one router running 6.3.3.

We had a couple of minor issues
-Converting the router from 32-bit to 64-bit required a patch from Cisco due to software signing. Not a big deal just took a couple weeks to get.
-Couple of cosmetic bugs, that should be fixed now. Mainly showing 10 slots instead of 6 slots.
-We ran in to a TCP bug in 6.3.2 that was fixed in 6.3.3 This cause some BGP/NSR sessions to drop on the standby RSP. This was not service impacting.

Besides that we have been very happy with the 9906's and IOS-XR 64bit.

Service we run standard on our routers nothing too fancy.
Layer 2 Services: L2VPN EoMPLS and VPLS
Layer3: Internet IPv4/IPv6 and MPLS L3VPN

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we are running 6.4.2 in classic xr. no confidence with 64 bit at the moment. need to see testing results from cisco first

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, Charles Spurgeon < c.spurgeon at austin.utexas.edu> wrote:

> * Tom Hill <tom at ninjabadger.net> [2018-12-19 20:19:09 +0000]:
> > On 19/12/2018 19:59, Charles Spurgeon wrote:
> > > Does anyone have info on what is going on? What are people running
> > > on their ASR 99xx platforms?
> >
> > It matters deeply which 99xx, and what supervisor(s) you have in it.
> >
> >  9904 uses the same RSPs as 9006/9010.
> >  9906 and 9910 use a different RSP, with expandable 'S' capacity.
> >  9912 and 9922 use an RP, with the 'S' function entirely removed.
> >
> > A recent BRKARC-2003 (from Cisco Live!) will have more details.
> >
> > In this instance I suspect the 9904 is witnessing a push from Cisco
> > to move their customers towards 3rd generation supervisors and
> > above; that's RSP-880[-RL] and newer in the 9904's case. This will
> > be because those generations support the 64-bit variant of IOS-XR.
> >
> Thanks. Our 9904s have RSP880s and a 8X100GE-TR line card in each, so
> we're good for a 64-bit conversion.
> Meanwhile, our support channel dug up the info that a 6.5.2 EMR
> release is planned for Jan/Feb 2019.
> They also provided a link to an ASR software guidance doc at:
> https://community.cisco.com/t5/service-providers-documents/ios-xr-rele
> ase-
> strategy-and-deployment-recommendation/ta-p/3165422
> Given this info we plan to upgrade from 5.3.4 to 6.4.2 to get onto
> supported code and then we'll use the 6.5 release to convert to 64-bit
> operation during our summer maintenance in 2019.
> -Charles
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