[c-nsp] Transceiver Modules Compatibility Matrix - N7K

Olavo Taube htaube at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 08:44:23 EDT 2018

Hello list,

We are going to install a new module (N7K-M348XP-25L) on our Nexus7000.
Looking at the Cisco matrix compatibility (
, we found that this linecard will work only with GLC-TE. Our problem is
that we have the GLC-T.

So, anyone knows If we use the command *service unsupported transceiver*,
this GLC-T will work at N7K-M348XP-25 (NX-OS v8.0) ?

I'm asking this because we can't test/validate until our maintenance window.


Helmut Taube

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