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> No, things changed there as well. Lookup merchant sillicon, and revise this
> post every 6 months. 
> have you heard of Barefoot networks? 
Yes I have heard of barefoot, but have you heard of barefoot queuing architecture or pre-classifier granularity and queuing strategy or packet size based pps performance graph, well yeah neither did I.

> The days of
> ASICs from Cisco are gone and we are glad, we tested the P4 DSL (cisco never
> got that right with mantel) on Nexus and its wonderful.
> The asics you speak of are no longer important or valuable because people
> realized that in many networking planets and galaxies, the asic is reflects the
> network design, they are related, and specifically for the data center, the clos
> fabric design won, and that does not require fancy asics.
Well there are use cases for fancy asics and use cases for simple asics.

> I guess your knowledge is out dated a bit. Cisco itself is using those merchant
> sillicon ASICs happily. 
Yup and those are dirt cheap compared to their home grown asics , this is because for a given pps rate they have lot less smarts.
> (lookup Chuck's comments on nexus9000, best selling
> cisco switch ever)...guess it is a good switch, because bright box pushed cisco
> to do that, and if any one on this list can disagree with me here, i'm up to that
> challenge.
> What i have discovered recently is that things happen in following way.
> Your boss or his boss picks a work culture (no one gets fired for buying
> IBM/Cisco), that culture (buying the shiny suits) impacts how you do work, it
> makes you select vendors (the ones that sends me to vegas every year) and
> not the right network design, you select cisco and you are stuck there for life,
> because once they tell you how things should work (aka : certificates), things
> are worse, now every time you make a new network purchase (afraid of new
> CLI ), you will not be able to look the other way because you just dont know
> any thing else (and loosing your certificate value).
Well I guess that could be a story of some of the smaller shops that can't afford investing in R&D and thus rely on well-trodden paths, but certainly not my problem.

> I wish the culture would change to, no one got fired for buying closed but
> didnt get promoted either. change requires boldness.
> https://toolr.io/2018/06/18/stop-abusing-the-word-open/
I understand your passion for open sw and open hw architecture, but routing high pps rates on x86 will always be impractical compared to specialized asics.
Yes going x86 certainly makes sense for low pps use cases - a uCPE is a good example of such a use case.
And as far as the high pps rate use cases goes, reading other posts in this thread, it seems that the current state of the art with regards to any linux OS driving any white-box ASICs is not quite ready for primetime yet.  
A viable alternative might be the FPGA NICs -but seems still not financially attractive. 
Just wondering what's the latest on the GPU for packet forwarding front (or is that deemed legacy now)?


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