[c-nsp] A9K-RSP-8G to A9K-RSP440-SE

Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Wed Dec 18 13:38:44 EST 2019


We’ve got a bunch of A9Ks whose RSP-8Gs and last supported XR release (5.3.4) are both EOS.  We’re looking to replace them with A9K-RSP440-SEs to cost effectively get us by for a few more years.

Today, hardware-wise, the RSP-8Gs support a mix of Trident and Typhoon based 10G LCs, with Typhoon based 100G LCs additions in the works.  We don’t plan to attempt to introduce any Tomahawk LCs to these boxes.  Feature wise, these boxes run LDP based L3VPN pinned up with IS-IS and BFD.  They take in a couple of full BGP tables, and they also do Profile 4 mLDP based label switched multicast VPN.

On paper, the RSP440-SEs support all our current and planned hardware on up to and including it’s last supported XR version 6.4.2 (32 bit).  Feature wise, I’d be surprised if it didn’t support any of what we’ve got going on, but there may be some gotchas someone may be able to provide some clue towards.

Thank in advance!

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