[c-nsp] A9K-RSP-8G to A9K-RSP440-SE

Tom Hill tom at ninjabadger.net
Thu Dec 19 12:33:41 EST 2019

On 18/12/2019 18:38, Jason Lixfeld wrote:
> On paper, the RSP440-SEs support all our current and planned hardware
> on up to and including it’s last supported XR version 6.4.2 (32 bit).
> Feature wise, I’d be surprised if it didn’t support any of what we’ve
> got going on, but there may be some gotchas someone may be able to
> provide some clue towards.

I think your gotcha there isn't that the RSP-440 doesn't support the
Trident cards; it's that support for those cards was dropped in 6.x
(yes, 32-bit).

Also, have you seen the RSP880-RL? 440 list price, equal DP rates, and
with better CP performance/64-bit support. Far better lifetime if you're
spending the cash (and yes they do support 32-bit XR, too).

As soon as the RSP880-RL was released, I didn't think about buying
another RSP440. :)



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