[c-nsp] cisco ASR 902

Ravi Patwari ravi at swift-online.com
Fri Dec 20 01:30:02 EST 2019



I am currently using two IGX 8430 connected via a dedicated 2MBPS circuit.
One is in India and the other in USA. The IGX 8430 mutiplexes  about 8T1
lines and 1 serial port.


We have been using this setup since last 15 years and would now like to
upgrade the technology. Is the cisco ASR 902 a right choice to do this. I
know we need a 8 or 16 port DS1/E1 CEM card in each ASR. Instead of the
serial, we can have Ethernet for data. What will be the trunk port
(obviously Ethernet). Can it run over MPLS or normal internet.


In case there is some other cisco equipment which is not IGX/MGX, please


Thanks in advance.





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