[c-nsp] Cisco 8000

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Dec 20 11:26:17 EST 2019

On 20/Dec/19 17:02, James Bensley wrote:

> That's one of the reasons I like XR at the each, the RPL is great.
> Also even if you're behind on your automation jazz, the reality is
> that having "commit" functionality on the CLI which doesn't apply
> config if it's syntactically invalid *is* helping to reduce errors at
> the edge.

We have a decently-trained Engineering and Operations team. Much of the
provisioning is cookie-cutter, so the chances of mistakes only happen
when there is a deviation in the process, e.g., when a new feature or
service is being introduced, which is the exception and not the rule.

> Yeah I won't deny I really like this about classical IOS and IOS-XE
> and I'm saddened that Cisco still haven't sorted out IOS-XR in this
> regard.

Even Junos is quite easy to upgrade. One, maybe two reboot steps, and no
need for complicated SMU's. This is why we are fine with the MX204 in
the Access.


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