[c-nsp] Can not ping across OTV

Richard Mikisa rmikisa at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 07:27:03 EDT 2019

Hi All,

I have setup unicast OTV between two DCs. Site A uses a Nexus 7010
with a dedicated OTV VDC for the implementation. Site A uses an ASR
1000x. OTV works fine and all the MAC addresses of devices in the
extended Vlan are learnt by the switches in both DCs.
I can ping devices at site B from the OTV VDC in site A and  can also
ping devices at Site A from the ASR in site B.
I have setup the local HSRP on the switches as gateways for the devices.

However, I can not ping the remote devices in the extended VLAN beyond
the OTV routers.

Packet captures on the ASR during a ping from site A show that icmp
replys make it to the internal (switch facing) interface but not to
the egress.

What might I be missing?

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