[c-nsp] BGP Multipath

Yham yhameed81 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 19:50:30 EDT 2020

Hello Gentlemen,

I wanted to configure whether BGP multipath feature work for/install a
route learned from the same AS but eBGPand iBGP neighbors.

for example, I have four routers A, B, C & D. Router A and B are iBGP
neigbors in ASN100 and a prefix attache to both. Router C and D
are iBGP neighbors in ASN100. Router A has an eBGP with Router C and Router
B has an eBGP neighborship with Router D.
Now Router A receives prefix from Router C via eBGP and from
Router B via iBGP. In this scenario, Router A install the prefix in routing
table that learned from Router C because it learned via eBGP. So the
question is can I have both eBGPand iBGP paths install in the routing table
with the help of multipath feature? I tried but it didn't work.

In a nutshell, i wanted to ask if Multipath work for a prefix that being
learned from eBGP and iBGP?
>From my understanding, all the best path criteria have to tie before
multipath comes in picture.


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