ASR1k mlppp speedlimit?

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at
Tue Feb 18 06:55:13 EST 2020

Hi Harald,

Are you using qos?
Weird things happen when you apply qos to link members and I would try without qos in general as I remember it being kinda flakey with MLPPP.
After testing MLPPP we decided to not implement it on the network.
Are you trying  in LNS o direct termination?


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> Dear list,
> we obviously never had this issue before, but this happened:
> CPE connecting two channels (supervectoring-vdsl) using MLPPPoE Combined
> downstream bandwidth would be 400+mbps, but each session seems limited to
> quite exact 100mbps.
> single sessions do well above 200+mbps on each link.
> First seen on ASR1001-x in production and verified on ASR1002 afterwards with
> no other clients connected.
> In case you'd argue against mlppp here - its main use would be bundling the
> 30+30mbps upload - but loosing half the download on the way is not expected.
> Anyone ever heard about some magic mlppp-session-speedlimit built into the
> qfp or any other ASR hardware?
> (funfact broadband_4k is licensed on the production box)
> Regards,
> hk
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