[c-nsp] ASR9k RSP440

cnsp at marenda.net cnsp at marenda.net
Fri Nov 13 03:52:05 EST 2020

> > What is everyones opinion of the 64bit XR? 
> No particular opinion other than the fact that every new A9K deployment 
> here is eXR (64-bit) as new HW doesn't run on 32-bit anymore. 
> A few things I noted: 

> 1b. access to 'admin' CLI context is noticeably slower in eXR, as admin
runs in 
> different (sysadmin-vm) VM. 
>     However, recent eXR builds (6.5.1 and newer) appear to have improved 
> this quite a bit now, that it's not as bad. 

Yes, that is a real GREAT feature.... 
Docker processes crashing and respawning, 
Sometimes restarting the "Router" vm producing outages. 

One Workaround they gave me after half a year investigation 
exists (until you reboot the box), 
SMU for that is existent but will not solve the "real" problem 
they told be 
But create installing the SMU creates DOWNtime, 
And reading that there will be side-effects and 
No real instructions on how to recover from that will prevent me from 
Trying to patch anything on it. 

No real solution for that, while the PC-Linux folks had those problems 5
years ago, 
don’t know weather fixed or not. 

Support can not give correct working instructions for how to collect
logfiles from those virtual shit 
Or copy it between them since one and assume that one can ssh/scp between
them but sth. 
Is not setup the expected way on that expencive piece of junk 

Installing SMU from 6.5.1 to 6.5.3 too 2 weeks because of WRONG update
And faulty assistance from TAC. 

The docs say that Patch-packages installation is incompatible with single
SMU installtation. 

Nothing learned from the people who did  engeneer real Operation-Systems
and patch/update procedures 
(for example SUNos ?)  but using hobbyist clash everything together for
their potential high end devices. 

Hardware for forwarding may be good, 
The "IOS-XR" with different syntax may be usefull, 
Marketing slides look great and "ISSU" etc. sound great 

But having >10% downtime and lots of time for debug sessions with TAC 
Poking in the nebula and not knowing what they do leads to the result that 
Getting the ASR9901 was a fault. 

Just my bad experience, 


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