[c-nsp] RR scalability question

Marcin Kurek md.kurek at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 10:55:26 EST 2020


I was wondering what are the techniques to estimate the upper limit of 
the number of route reflector clients?  Currently we run CSR1000vs, 
which now have over 50 clients. BGP scale is as below:

2841509 network entries using 727426304 bytes of memory
2841513 path entries using 340981560 bytes of memory

They are rock solid so far, but this is in a steady state. I'm thinking 
about a scenario where multiple BGP sessions fail at once, meaning the 
RRs would have much more work to do.

Probably one thing that affects RR performance is the number of update 
groups (2 at the moment, will be 3 soon). But still, it doesn't help to 
come up with a hard number of clients.

Thank you!


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