[c-nsp] PPPoE and HTTP Redirect

Eugene Grosbein eugen at grosbein.net
Sat Oct 3 02:59:41 EDT 2020

03.10.2020 12:52, Scott Miller wrote:

> Hello all, I’m looking for some recommendations.  I have a customer, an
> ISP, who is doing PPPoE for residential and “some” smaller business
> accounts.  PPPoE terminated on an ASR9010, DaloRadius for authentication
> and IP assignments.  DaloRadius is configured for static IP per customer.
> All that is working fine.  Recently, we enabled HTTP redirect on the 9010
> because the customer wanted to try out a walled garden for past due
> accounts.  So, past due accounts are handed a static 10.x.x.x IP, and
> password changed.  Next time customer re-auth’s, they get the 10.x IP
> because of the bad pass, and put into the HTTP redirect jail, and are
> supposed to be redirected to a http site.  “Sometimes” http redirect works,
> sometimes it doesn’t.  It seems as though it depends on the destination
> address the end user is trying to go to.
> At any rate, the ISP is wanting to investigate something else for PPPoE and
> their walled garden.  Has anyone used anything else successfully for PPPoE
> auth, and walled garden jail?  Something that is a bit more seamless?  The
> ISP has their own home-brewed billing/account software, and just wants a
> redirect to their landing page to work each time when a customer is
> disconnected for non-pay.  I have not done a lot with PPPoE myself, so
> reaching out for possible 3rd party solutions that can do all-in-one.

I'm pretty sure the problem occurs due to HTTP/HTTPS differences,
so for plain unencrypted HTTP user request it works but for HTTPS is does not, and should not.
HTTPS is made to prevent such in-the-middle embedding from working.

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