[c-nsp] NXOS output numeric

cnsp at marenda.net cnsp at marenda.net
Fri Oct 9 12:32:34 EDT 2020


> Howdy, 
> I had a quick question regarding NXOS, is there any way to run a command 
> and have it output numerically only? 


> It would show a normal easily parsed number? For instance the number of 
> seconds since the last time the link flapped? 
> If not are there any helper libraries for python that you guys have found
> can handle these sorts of things before I create one? 

Why going thru CLI Text representation when you can read out the
corresponding snmp variable/counter ? 

OK it should be fun to be able to read that more directly from the embedded
linutz ... 

Just my 0.01 $ 


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