[c-nsp] HWRL and CoPP on SUP2T

Alexander Sipovich alexander.sipovich at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 16:19:52 EST 2021

Hi all,
We have a strange issue with the CoPP on a SUP2T.
So we have Catalyst 6500 with VS-SUP2T-10G, it's running
s2t54-adventerprisek9-mz.SPA.155-1.SY3.bin. For testing purposes, we
configured HWRL for IGMP at the same time we added into CoPP a class
that matches IGMP. Then we noticed that both counters increase (HWRL
and HW CoPP).
We do know that HWRL overrides HW CoPP on SUP720.
Is HWRL overrides CoPP on SUP2T?

Alexander Sipovich

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