[c-nsp] cisco nexus vpc hybrid topology

Marco Regini marco.regini at ascotlc.it
Tue Feb 23 07:29:48 EST 2021


 is anyone heavily using nexus vpc in hybrid topology ?

I want to maintain my standard L2 network ( with STP as loop avoidance mechanism) with the possibility to configure some vpc  when is possible or when is useful.
In the vpc documentation STP is evil, connecting switches in daisy-chain discouraged but I can't rebuild from scratch all my campus network.

Simplifying I have 3 building connected each-over with a couple of dark-fiber: a triangle with double edges.
In each vertex I'm going to place a couple of Nexus9k.
I'm interested in vpc to aggregate the couple of dark-fiber interconnecting each building but: 

- a triangle topology require STP ( I guess)
- In each building the existing switches ( Catalyst 3560)  are mostly in daisy-chain and  can't be connected to the local couple of nexus via a dedicate vpc port.

I understand that what I want is not what Cisco suggests,  but I don't see any issue of doing that.
I simply prefer vpc in hybrid topology that no vpc at all



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