[c-nsp] NXOS/NXAPI + CoPP

Drew Weaver drew.weaver at thenap.com
Fri Mar 12 11:46:54 EST 2021


Does anyone have a document that explains the differences in CoPP in different devices that run NXOS?

It recently has come to my attention that the same image running on different hardware has wildly different capabilities and it doesn't seem to be documented what the capabilities are between the different hardware platforms.

I had one more specific question:

Does traffic destined for NXAPI hit the control plane?

It seems like the answer would be "of course it does" however I am having a whole lot of trouble using CoPP to limit access to NXAPI based on source IP address.

If anyone has successfully limited access to NXAPI based upon source ip address I would greatly appreciate any insights you can provide on how you did this.


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