[c-nsp] ASR1009x and 10G thruput

hank at interall.co.il hank at interall.co.il
Fri May 7 01:32:07 EDT 2021

We recently upgraded our network from ASR1004s to ASR1009xs.

We are encountering thruput limits on 10G interfaces and were wondering 
whether others have seen that as well.

Hard limits seems to be 2.4G or 4G and we are not able to reach line 
rate of 10G.  Have tried iperf which hits the wall as well.

Machines are with all with RP3+MIP100 and the Ether cards are all 

We have a Cisco TAC case open now for 2 weeks but nothing has progressed 
so I was wondering whether anyone here has a clue how this can be 



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