[c-nsp] ASR920 - new lines in config after reboot

Bryan Holloway bryan at shout.net
Wed May 19 04:35:10 EDT 2021

That to me smells like a change in your config-register.

Not saying I know how it changed or why, but that is one of the bits. 
(0x0400, if I recall correctly.)

On 5/16/21 3:27 PM, Shawn L wrote:
> As strange as the ASR920 routers can behave at times, I've never seen this
> one before.  Wondering if anyone else has.
> We have a remote site with a ASR920-12CZ router running 3.16
> (03.16.05.S.155-3.S5) which has been fine for quite a while now (years).
> Yesterday there was a power outage at the site and everything was out for
> several hours.
> Once the power situation was fixed, I went to the site and turned the UPS
> back on, powered up the 920, etc.  Everything seemed to go fine -- I did
> have to reboot the 920 a couple of times to get it to boot, though I've
> seen that behavior before (it stalls 80% of the way through the boot, after
> it displays the full cisco banner but before it starts bringing interfaces
> up).  Anyway, it came back up, everything seemed fine.  I left.
> This morning I noticed that our rancid installation is complaining that the
> router's config changed.  Of course it did, it rebooted so times will be
> different, etc.  But I also found lines inserted into each interface's
> config.
> interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0
>   description Site-UPS
>   no ip address
>   + ip broadcast-address
>   negotiation auto
>   service instance 1 ethernet
>    encapsulation untagged
>    bridge-domain 1
> interface GigabitEthernet0/0/8
>   description Cust: <Customer name and id>
>   no ip address
>   + ip broadcast-address
>   media-type auto-select
>   negotiation auto
>   service instance 56 ethernet
>    encapsulation untagged
>    service-policy input 50M
>    service-policy output 500M
>    bridge-domain 56
> interface BDI1
>   description Untagged site MGT addresses
>   ip address
>   +ip broadcast-address
> The "ip broadcast-address" has somehow been added to every interface, both
> physical and bridge-domain.  In some cases it's not, it's the
> subnet the interface is on -- though not really the broadcast.
> In any event, I was on-site and the only one touching the box.  I certainly
> didn't add them, and we don't do any ZTP or automated configuration, etc.
> Also didn't change the IOS, etc.  So I'm trying to find out how it suddenly
> got in there.
> Shawn
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