[c-nsp] VPLS to multiple end points

Michael Hobl michael at hobl.com.au
Thu May 27 01:50:05 EDT 2021

Hey Shawn,

By definition all VPLS circuits are multipoint, VPWS (aka VLL's, xconnects)
is used for point-to-point designations.

Nuance aside, multipoint is a pretty common deployment strategy for L2VPN
services-- you'll want to look at using L2 VFIs for this.

A good reference point would be here:

Additionally, you can look at using BDI's if you need to provide routing
capabilities to the VPLS.

- Michael

On Thu, May 27, 2021 at 6:30 AM Shawn L <shawn at rmrf.us> wrote:

> Does anyone have any examples of doing a VPLS to multiple end points?
> I have a use case where I want to bring in a couple of vlans to an ASR920
> and then transport them via MPLS to several other ASR920s.  So, basically a
> layer-2 vpn.
> Normally, I'd just bring in the vlans, and then do an xconnect on the
> interface over to the destination.  But, I'm struggling with how to send it
> to multiple destinations.
> Or, is there a specific reason to _not_ do this and do it some other way?
> thanks
> Shawn
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