[c-nsp] BFD not working on ASR920

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Sun Apr 3 15:04:15 EDT 2022

On 4/3/22 20:30, Gert Doering wrote:

> Netflow is sort of semi-supported, if I remember right - by using
> the SPAN feature of the chip to siphon traffic off to the CPU, and
> do netflow there, capped to 1GE of traffic.  Or something like that.
> Did not try NAT or PPPoE on that box... but I'm sure there is excitement.
> (Speaking of SPAN - trying to debug BGP using a local SPAM is a real
> adventure, as packets sent by the local CPU are not seen on a RX/TX
> mirror session... only the RSTs coming in from the other end gave a
> clue what happened)

We are finding the ASR920 has reached its usefulness for us.

We are looking at other options now; and yes, from me, that also 
includes boxes shipping with Broadcom :-\...


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