[c-nsp] storm-control errdisable with no traffic or vlan

Joe Maimon jmaimon at jmaimon.com
Wed Aug 3 19:05:59 EDT 2022

I have a vendor trying to turn up a 10gb link from their juniper mx to a 
cisco 4900M, using typical X2 LR.

The link was being upgraded from a functioning 1gb. Same traffic.

Even with switchport mode trunk and switchport allowed vlan none, with 
input counters in single digits, storm control immediately takes the 
port down after link up. There was negligible traffic on the link before 
or after the attempt.

Vendor's best idea is to turn off storm control, which I am only going 
to do with an isolated switch on site, anyone seen anything like this or 
have any other ideas?


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