[c-nsp] IOS XR MLACP and L3VPN static routes

Ivan Maksimović ivanmaxim at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 13:45:45 EST 2022

We have a setup where a pair of A99K boxes (IOS XR 7.1.3) are working as PE
routers, and on MLACP (active/standby) Bundle towards Metro Switch are
mixed L2/L3 subinterfaces.

When we try to configure static routes on standby node in customer VRF,
routes are advertised through both active and standby PoAs to the core
MPLS  (it is advertised on both routers).

Is there any way on IOS-XR (7.1.3) that provides blocking of advertising
static routes on standby PoA in L3VPN MC-LAG environment.

Something tells me that this is not normal behavior (BUG maybe, or feature
XD )

I've found that on IOS-XE this works normal, feature is called:

 Multichassis Link Aggregation Group for L3VPN


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